Daousser Chennoufi

Daousser Chennoufi

Daousser Chennoufi is the Founder and CEO of Draw Link Group (DLG) a leading architecture, interior design and fit-out firm with offices in Dubai, Tunis, Shanghai, Greece and Kampala.

Under his leadership, DLG has completed numerous high profile projects within the hospitality, residential, food & beverage, and retail sectors, many of which shaped the architectural and design scene of the UAE.

Moreover, Daousser Chennoufi is also the co-founder of Concreative 3D Concrete Printing, which specialises in concrete additive manufacturing that can help to align architecture plans with engineering constraints.

Recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Daousser Chennoufi has notably been recognized in the special issue of Construction Week “Power 100 Ranking”.

He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the National School of Architecture and Urbanism (ENAU) in Tunis.