Meeting with Central Bank Governor

Meeting with Central Bank Governor

The TBC Dubai & Northern Emirates, was represented by its President Fathi Ben Grira for a gathering organized by the Tunisian Central Bank focusing on the investment opportunities offered to the Tunisian diaspora.

The attendance was mainly comprised of:
– CEOs of several Tunisian Banks, including Said Sebti CEO of Attijari Bank (preferred banking partner of the TBC)
– C-level executives of prominent investment firms such as Afrincinvest / Integra Partners
– former top government officials such as Fadhel Abdelkefi (former Minister of Development and International Cooperation and former Minister of Finance), Noomane Fehri (former Minister of Information Technologies and Communications) and Mustapha Kamel Nabli (former Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank), and
– presidents of overseas professional organizations representing Tunisian business persons such as TAYP (USA), CTS (Switzerland) and TBC (UAE).

The gathering was chaired by the Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank, Marouene Abassi, and was followed by a smaller committee working on « straight to the point » recommendations addressed to the Governor.

During such meeting, the Governor of the Tunisian Central Bank agreed to meet before the end of the year with TBC’s members in Dubai to present the action of the Tunisian Central Bank and discuss the monetary and economic situation of the country.

Was also present at this meeting, in his capacity of Member of the the Assembly of the Representatives of the People (representing overseas Tunisians in the Arab world), Abderraouf El May, former President of the Tunisian Business Council Dubai & Northern Emirates.