Governance Principles

The TBC complies with the highest applicable standards in terms of governance and transparency and operates under the umbrella of the Dubai Chamber within the strict framework of applicable laws and regulations.

Members General Assembly

The Members General Assembly meets at least once a year. During this meeting the Executive Board presents its annual activity report and the full year audited financials of the TBC.

Executive Board

Every two years, the Members General Assembly elects the Executive Board comprised of a maximum of 9 members who are in charge of implementing TBC’s vision. Executives functions are held by members of the Executive Board: President, Vice-President, Secretary General and Treasurer. To ensure the smooth operations of its activities, the current operational structure of the Executive Board is comprised of the following additional positions: two additional Vice-Presidents and a Deputy Secretary General.

Senior Advisory Board

TBC Dubai’s governance structure is completed by the Senior Advisory Board. Strictly non-operational, the purpose of the Senior Advisory Board is to ensure continuity and stability of the TBC and provide its Executive Board with support and guidance. The Senior Advisory Board is kept informed on a regular basis of the TBC operations and activities and meets at least once a year.

The Senior Advisory Board is comprised of two sets of members:

      • Rightful Members: all former Presidents of TBC Dubai (to ensure stability and commitment post mandate), the seating President of TBC Abu Dhabi (to ensure close cooperation between the two organizations) and the seating President of UTICA “Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts” (to ensure close ties with the official representatives of Tunisia based companies, entrepreneurs and business owners)
      • Selected Members: outstanding professionals (not necessarily Tunisians) whose careers and achievements speak for themselves. These Selected Members are proposed by the TBC President to the Executive Board for approval and the names of the Selected Members shall be ratified by the next Members General Assembly

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